In the days when the graphics card panicked, I started the Dell Travel Box G15 game originally to play DOTA2

Today we will bring you a "hardcore naughty" that is both exciting and avant-garde-Dell's game book "Travel Box G15". 7 years ago, Dell travel box was born in a red jersey, showing his blood with the players. Today, the travel box G15 is returning from an expedition with a new design. First of all, in terms of appearance, the travel box G15 adopts an innovative high-molecular polymer surface integral molding, plus mica embellishment, the entire A side looks very textured, and the laser-engraved 290 decorative patterns make the entire A side of the notebook It looks more powerful, cool, and very suitable for the aesthetic requirements of the current young people. It is believed that the core version of the travel box G15 has been fully designed, mainstream performance, and intimate details to satisfy you who love games and enjoy happiness. At present, the core version of the travel box G15 is available on Dell's official website, with a price starting at RMB 5699. During the launch of the new machine, purchases on the official website will receive an exclusive supersound peripheral package and enjoy three interest-free installments.