I'm fed up with the cat's hair at home, the shoveling officer must have the Roborock T7S Plus

In addition to the ability to clean corners, the Roborock T7S Plus is also equipped with a large suction brushless fan of up to 2500Pa, which can also handle the light hair dropped by pets. With the support of large suction, garbage such as hair can be quickly sucked away after the side brushes are gathered, avoiding the secondary pollution problem caused by the floating of the hair again. Aiming at the problem that the hair may entangle the brush head and require the user to perform a second manual treatment, the Roborock T7S Plus has brought a new upgrade. When there are pets at home, the Roborock T7S Plus robot sweeps and drags robots with excellent obstacle avoidance and planning capabilities to avoid accidental contact with the "masters" at home. And the prepaid deposit can be used to deduct the purchase amount, and the final discounted price is only 2799 yuan (USD $400) , which is very affordable.