How stringent is the Intel Evo certification that leads the development of PC fashion: "Funnel" process is screened layer by layer

With Intel's proposal to officially land, it has been two years since the "Athena Project", which has passed standardized design and strict standard certification, and can actively promote the further upgrade of thin and light notebook products. This is also the most important part of the entire Evo certification process. These are all indicators for a single item of the display screen. Through these individual indicators, in accordance with the standard specifications of the Evo platform, they are evaluated, evaluated and screened according to its characteristics. This means that Intel's Athena plan and Evo platform certification will become more and more influential. Under the new version of Athena specification standards, in addition to conventional hardware, components such as audio decoding chips and embedded controllers are also being tested. Within the scope, there will be more in the future. On the same day after the end of the sharing session, Intel announced again that there are currently 75 Evo-certified laptops on the market.