How can AI empower the fine operation of the textile industry and reduce costs and increase efficiency?

# 百度AI 4# Textile industry 1 With the new round of accelerated integration of information technology and manufacturing, as a highly labor-intensive textile industry, it has also begun to explore the path of digital transformation. It is understood that in order to facilitate the transformation of informatization and intelligentization of various industries, Baidu Smart Cloud uses the AI technology and ecological advantages that rely on Baidu's brain to continuously accelerate the integration and innovation with the industry, help enterprises achieve intelligent upgrades, and develop independently and self-reliantly for the country's science and technology. Contribute more value. In the sharing, Guo Yichen mentioned that how textile companies find fabrics and how to efficiently inspect the fabrics are common pain points. It is understood that relying on a flexible and efficient one-stop platform solution, EasyDL has been widely deployed in dozens of industries, including industry, agriculture, retail, medical, logistics, etc., helping many companies complete the intelligent transformation of their businesses and greatly improving their business efficiency. , Reduce technology and labor costs, etc.