He Xiaopeng: 150,000 yuan (USD $21429) is the reserve price of smart electric vehicles

News from IT House, June 10 The 13th China Automotive Blue Book Forum was held in Hefei today and will last until June 12. According to Weibo @电动芭士, He Xiaopeng said that "smart" and "electric" respectively represent the transformation of information interaction and the transformation of energy power, and the two jointly contribute to the transformation of automobile forms and travel life scenarios. According to previous reports from IT House, Xiaopeng Motors recently announced the sales report of electric vehicles. In May of this year, Xiaopeng Motors delivered 5,686 units, a year-on-year increase of 483%. Xiaopeng P7 sold 3797 units, setting a record for the highest monthly delivery; Xiaopeng G3 delivered 1,889 units, a year-on-year increase of 129%. At the meeting, He Xiaopeng also said that in China's first-tier cities, the proportion of smart cars + electric cars will reach 60% of new car sales in 2025, and smart cars will account for more than 50% of this 60%. He also believes that 2023 will be an inflection point for smart cars, and quasi-L4 advanced autonomous driving assistance systems will begin to land in China.