Google's strong counterattack against Roku ban: Bundling YouTube TV service directly into YouTube

In the morning news on May 8, Beijing time, it was reported that a dispute between Google and the US online video platform Roku was recently exposed, and the Roku platform withdrew the Google Internet TV channel live service YouTube TV. Google said that it is still cooperating with Roku and looks forward to reaching an agreement to allow joint users of both parties to continue to watch the YouTube TV service. A Google spokesperson told the media that the current temporary measures are mainly aimed at existing members of YouTube TV, and consumers cannot purchase live TV channel services through the YouTube client. On Friday afternoon, Roku responded to Google's above move, criticizing Google as an unconstrained "monopoly." However, Roku also hinted in the statement that the company will not be irritated by Google and will not remove the YouTube client from the Roku platform. This statement also confirmed a message that Google is insisting that external video hardware manufacturers support AV1 video codec technology.