Honor CEO Zhao Ming issued an open letter: new products will meet with you soon

It is worth mentioning that this is the first time Honor has taken the initiative to speak formally after the official announcement. The open letter stated that today, Honor celebrates its 7th birthday, and this year Honor embarks on a new journey. Some netizens discovered that the first new machine after the reorganization of Honor has been filed, code-named YORK, model YOK-AN10. If nothing else, this new machine for the record is the Honor V40 series, but it will be postponed to January. Therefore, the new product in January, outside speculation may be the V40 series, three models of Honor V40, V40 Pro and V40 Pro+ will be released. This series of new machines adopts a 6.72-inch double-drilled curved screen design, among which the oversized V40Pro+ is expected to support 120Hz high refreshing. In terms of photography, the Honor V40 will use a rear four-camera module, the main camera of which is 64 million pixels, and it is equipped with a 12 million pixel ultra-wide-angle, 10x optical zoom telephoto lens and macro lens. For charging, the standard charger for Honor V40 is still the same HW-110600C0X of Huawei, which supports up to 66W fast charging.