Honor 7th Anniversary Fan Gathering: Sit around and listen

The fan round table held today only invited more than 20 fans. It was not like other companies holding a 100-person meeting to flatter themselves. It can be seen that the Honor is quite low-key. The intimacy between Honor and fans has not been weakened by brand independence. On the afternoon of December 16th, Honor organized the "Seventh Anniversary of Honor·Fan Roundtable" organized by Honor fans from all over the world to come to the scene to collect their opinions and opinions on the Honor brand. The suggestion is to understand what young people need most and listen to the voice of users to make the brand bigger and stronger. This is the foundation of Honor. Fans will reveal that the Honor brand is preparing to launch a super flagship phone. From this, it can be seen that Honor fans are very concerned about Honor's R&D process. If a mobile phone brand does not insist on R&D and innovation, the new product selling point will be very tasteless and the Honor brand is independent It didn't take long to prepare to launch new products, indicating that Honor has already done enough research and development in the early stage, and strength and heritage coexist.