From "seeing clearly" to "understanding": the management "magic" brought about by the improvement of the horizon

At present, the camera end side will have the ability of AI computing, which can identify, detect, and locate objects. For example, we will see the application of the gate camera in public places such as airports and train stations. Its facial recognition and other functions are directly Apply on the device side. In the management of grassroots affairs in a smart city, the community is the smallest administrative management unit. With the continuous increase of 5G network bandwidth and the rapid expansion of data storage space, smart cameras are increasingly used in security and surveillance, home care, and disease monitoring. Thanks to the improvement of license plate recognition technology, "finding people by car" has become a reality, which also provides assistance to the police in cracking various cases. The upgrade changes and cases of these smart cameras are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to realizing security functions, smart cameras will fully release their potential in various industries such as smart city management, home protection, and hospital monitoring.