From 2299 yuan (USD $328) ! Xiaomi Mi 11 Youth Edition will be sold tomorrow: the lightest and thinnest in the history of Xiaomi

After pre-sale for a period of time, Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition will usher in its first sale tomorrow. This phone is the thinnest and lightest Xiaomi phone in history, with a thickness of only 6.81mm and a weight of only 159g. In terms of the Mi 11 Youth Edition screen, Mi 11 Youth Edition has a 6.55" AMOLED ultra-thin flexible straight screen. The width of the left and right upper three parts of the border is 1.88mm, and the width of the chin part is only 2.75mm. The overall visual effect is very good. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi 11 Youth Edition is the world's first Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G, which uses 5nm process technology, A78 CPU architecture, three ISP image processors, sixth-generation Qualcomm AI engine and third-generation integrated dual 5G baseband. For imaging, Xiaomi 11 Youth version front natural beauty selfie, super night scene, supports 2x zoom selfie, and comes with high light and natural three-dimensional makeup effects; rear all-round AI triple camera, including 64 million main camera, ultra-wide-angle lens, telephoto macro lens, It also supports super night scenes, and the imaging effect is pretty good.