Four cars are launched together, Sabre·Safety-BYD all-electric series equipped with blade batteries

Today, BYD, the leader of new energy vehicles, officially announced: From now on, all its pure electric models will be fully equipped with blade batteries, and acupuncture testing will be fully adopted as the corporate standard. Four pure electric models, 2021 Tang EV, Qin PLUS EV, Song PLUS EV, and 2021 e2, are fully switched to equipped with blade batteries and released on the market. With the rapid growth of the penetration rate of the new energy vehicle market, the number of new energy vehicles will increase substantially, and the risk of traffic accidents will rise accordingly. The safety of power batteries is of paramount importance. As the No. 1 brand in China's new energy production and sales for eight consecutive years, BYD has always been committed to safeguarding consumers' safe travel. Blade batteries will be successively installed on new energy models of mainstream brands at home and abroad. At the same time, it has an ultra-long cruise of 401km, power consumption per 100km is as low as 10.8kWh, and its performance is fully ahead of the same level. In order to solve the problem of oil safety and fulfill the country's commitment to carbon peak and carbon neutrality, BYD actively contributes its own strength.