Focusing on the construction of the digital economy, Lei Jun's recommendations from the two sessions are hotly discussed by experts

The National People's Congress will be held in 2021 as scheduled. Xiaomi founder Lei Jun, as a representative of the National People's Congress, contributed some of his suggestions at the two sessions. Regarding the intelligent manufacturing industry, representative Lei Jun put forward the following suggestions: create a planned and predictable macro policy environment and guide leading enterprises to better demonstrate their leading role. Promote the collaborative research and development of production, education and research, form an innovation consortium, and consolidate the basic research and development capabilities of intelligent manufacturing equipment and key components. Not long ago, the problem of aging of smart technology became the focus of heated discussions among netizens. Representative Lei Jun also expressed his views at the two sessions: to promote the integration of digital services for the elderly into the national information infrastructure construction as soon as possible. Wang Zhenyao, dean of the China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, said that he hoped that representatives of Lei Jun and Xiaomi Company would pay attention to develop simple and convenient elderly physical fitness assessment technology to assist government decision-making; and to develop information technology for active elderly people to participate in social activities to help establish A vibrant aging society.