Five consecutive Lenovo notebooks: full coverage of Xiaoxin and YOGA

On the 22nd of this month, Lenovo will hold the Yogax Xiaoxin spring new product launch conference. At that time, it will release five new laptop products, covering multiple models of the YOGA and Xiaoxin series. The Xiaoxin series includes: Xiaoxin Air 15 2021 Ryzen Edition, Xiaoxin Pro 16 2021, Xiaoxin Air 14 Plus 2021 Ryzen Edition. Among them, the Xiaoxin Air 15 2021 Ryzen version will be equipped with AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors, and Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 16 will be based on AMD Ryzen 5000 series standard pressure processors, and it is expected to be equipped with GTX 1650 discrete graphics cards. The release will also reach a higher level. As for the Xiaoxin Air 14 Plus Ruilong version that I am most concerned about this time, it will not only upgrade the screen resolution, but also use the combination of AMD processor + NVIDIA graphics card, which is really rare. On the whole, Lenovo's release lineup this time is still very luxurious, so the last two questions are probably price and availability. In addition to notebook computers, Lenovo also prepared a YOGA CC65 dual-port GaN charger this time, which is suitable for notebook and mobile phone users.