Experienced users tell you what notebook can bring the all-round experience

This light and shadow wizard 6 Max provides the RTX2060 Max-Q light tracking graphics card configuration, which makes this notebook have good graphics performance in dealing with ordinary 3A games or image quality games that support light tracking special effects. . Light Wizard 6 Max uses dual-channel 16GB DDR4 3200MHz high-frequency memory to achieve the effect of synchronous transmission of data with the CPU, and comprehensively improve game performance and work efficiency. In addition to having excellent visual effects and hardware performance, the HP Light and Shadow Wizard 6 Max also has a very eye-catching design. All in all, this HP Light and Shadow Wizard 6 Max has captured the favor of many players with its excellent screen quality, hard core performance and excellent heat dissipation capabilities, and has become a well-deserved all-round large-screen notebook.