Everyone tells the story of OTA, but almost none of them do a good job

Tesla's previous OTA upgrade projects last year involved multimedia, driving assistance, battery performance, driving modes, etc. In November 2019, a zero-run S01 owner performed an OTA upgrade on a main road in Dongguan, which took more than 20 minutes. During the period, the vehicle was powered off and could not drive normally, causing serious congestion on the road. Recently, Tesla, which has frequently posted negative news, is also experiencing problems with OTA. Regarding the issue of Tesla's black screen, in fact, it is not only Model 3 cars. In overseas markets, a large number of Model S and Model X owners have complained about car crashes. Regarding the issue of car crashes caused by insufficient performance of eMMC memory cards, Tesla has implemented a recall in China. Vehicle hardware is not enough to support frequent data upgrades and optimizations, which is the main reason for Tesla's black screen. If the reserves in these areas are not sufficient, just "OTA for the sake of OTA", it will be a disaster for both the users and the car companies themselves.