Equipped with HarmonyOS 2, the new Huawei Smart Screen V series teaches you how to watch the European Cup correctly

Recently, the results of the color TV market in the first quarter of 2021 have been released. According to relevant data, sales have increased by 30.9% compared with the first quarter of 2020. High-end and smart TVs have become the main choice for users to upgrade their TVs. On April 8th of this year, the new generation of Huawei Smart Screen V series equipped with HarmonyOS 2 was officially released. As the second generation product of the V series, the entire series of products have the joint design and blessing of Deware, creating a cinema-level sound quality performance, with 120Hz high refresh The high-speed screen and 1000nit peak brightness are also the world's first new HDR Vivid-certified large-screen product. After a year of delay, the much-anticipated European Cup has finally returned! As a sporting feast with extremely high gold content in the football field, the arrival of the European Cup has become the best window for young people to release their sports enthusiasm. Through the dynamic tone mapping of the Huawei Smart Screen V85, each frame of the static HDR source is analyzed in real time, and dynamic tone mapping is optimized to achieve a better HDR display effect that exceeds the existing static HDR standard. It is Huawei's first smart screen equipped with Sky Channel.