Douyin cheats, open to the outside world

Fun and interesting AI special effects are undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the popularity of Douyin. Users are very much buying this kind of fresh and natural AI makeup effect, saying "It is recommended to solder on the face". And this AI special effect, after only being online for 18 days, has reached the S level of Douyin's internal rating. AI's special performance cannot show good results, and algorithm adaptation is particularly important. General directions such as face recognition, human body recognition, gesture recognition, and image segmentation, etc. Of course, technologies such as GAN have also greatly shortened the production cycle of special effects. On average, 2D effects are produced in 1 day, and 3D effects are produced in 5 days. However, this ToB business has been a "single point attempt" until 2020, and it is far from being a core business. In 2020, ByteDance played the volcano engine card and officially launched the ToB business. Based on a huge user base and massive analysis data, Bytedance's technical team has a natural advantage in verifying the value of the technology's scenarios.