Double fan storm, the rescuer gaming mobile phone 2 Pro officially released, starting at 3699 yuan (USD $528)

On April 8, Lenovo held a new product launch conference with the theme of "Cold and Fast", and the rescuer gaming mobile phone 2 Pro was officially unveiled. With the support of the revolutionary ATA 2.0 central architecture, a new three-in-one, four-way heat dissipation scheme has been constructed, and the heat dissipation efficiency has reached a new high. Adding heat dissipation material is only the basic operation of passive heat dissipation, and the ability to actively complete the internal and external heat exchange is the core of the "Wan" efficient heat dissipation. The Iori button consists of two sets of four ultrasonic buttons on the top of the fuselage, two vertical capacitive sliding buttons on the back, and symmetrical pressure-sensitive areas on both sides of the screen. At the same time, it supports healthy charging, through high-voltage protection and current limitation, it can better extend the battery life. With the industry's strongest 720Hz multi-finger sampling rate and the industry's lowest 3.8ms screen touch delay, instant response, providing users with a sensitive and hand-controlled operation experience.