Do not work overtime during the Dragon Boat Festival! HKUST iFlytek uses AI products to help consumers unleash productivity

As the annual Dragon Boat Festival arrives as scheduled, many people are already in place and on the road, and can't wait to go out for a happy trip or return home to reunite with their relatives. IFLYTEK's consumer products use AI to make this Dragon Boat Festival a little bit different from "Zong". Efficiently record AI empowerment in the workplace Zongye Piaoxiang ushered in the last small holiday in the first half of the year. Everyone has a heart that wants to go home and want to travel, but countless meetings and work ensued, especially for For advertisers and public relations people who want to take advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival marketing. Recently, iFLYTEK also launched the "world's first wearable voice recorder" R1. It is no longer a traditional voice recorder form, but an innovative wrist-style design. Technology is practical, smart and fashionable. It is vividly reflected in the pen. IFLYTEK's consumer products use AI to help workplace people work efficiently, liberate productivity, and prevent work from disturbing their lives. Enjoy "Zong" in small and long vacations!