DJI Automotive Official Announcement: Is Better Autopilot Coming?

DJI today announced on its official Weibo that it will launch its intelligent driving business brand "DJI Automotive" and will participate in the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19. In the introduction of DJI Automotive's official WeChat account, we can see that, as DJI's smart driving business brand, DJI is committed to using space smart technology to empower travel, focusing on the R&D and production of smart driving systems and their core components. , Sales and other services. The DJI brand has been deeply involved in the field of drones and photographic equipment for a long time, and has launched a large number of drone products, which are deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad, and even public offices in various countries have procurement. It can be seen that DJI's technical strength is very strong. powerful. It is expected that DJI will add cameras, depth-of-field radars, and central processors to the new in-vehicle system. Maybe DJI has self-developed autonomous driving technology. I hope DJI can upgrade its current autonomous driving technology to a new level.