Disassembly report: Xiaodu smart true wireless headset S1

At the new product launch conference of Xiaodu in May 2021, Xiaodu's smart true wireless headset S1 was officially released. In appearance, it continues the simple design of the previous generation product, but the product is smaller in size and lighter in weight. On the left side of the box, there are three product features: large moving coil, comfortable listening, comfortable wearing, and long-lasting battery life. "Xiaodu" brand LOGO is designed on the front. The overall appearance of Xiaodu Smart True Wireless Earphone S1. A close-up of the sound mouth of the earphone, and the inside is covered by a fine dust-proof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the sound cavity. The overall weight of Xiaodu Smart True Wireless Earphone S1 is about 39.6g according to actual measurement by Woai Audio Network. In the current reality of semiconductor supply shortage, SY8821 is the preferred product to guarantee delivery. The TVS with silk screen T12 is used for input overvoltage protection. Button-type soft-pack battery silk-screen information T18-COIL, the factory date is March 29, 2021. Close-up of two LED indicators of different colors, which are wrapped in sponge to prevent light leakage.