Disassembly report: Huawei AI smart speaker 2e

Only supports Huawei AI Speaker 2e under the same Huawei account. Take out the charger and manual. The LED dot matrix screen on Huawei AI speaker 2e displays a list of time effects. The red light on the top indicates that the microphone is disabled. There are two non-slip silicone pads on the bottom of Huawei AI Speaker 2e to prevent tipping. There is an indicating light sensor on the side to sense the intensity of the external light from the speaker and adjust the brightness of the LED. The top of the back shell is equipped with a motherboard that supports button functions, and is fixed with a metal plate for protection and heat dissipation. A list of two 16V and one 35V electrolytic capacitors, reinforced with black glue. Two protection tubes at the power input interface are used for overvoltage protection. TI Texas Instruments, TPA3138D2 is a high efficiency, low idle current class D stereo audio amplifier with 10W per channel power. There is a light sensor inside the speaker, which intelligently controls the brightness of the LED light.