Didi Autonomous Driving Releases 5-Hour No-Connected Pipeline Test Video Relying on Online Car-hailing Data to Speed Up Iteration

On the afternoon of April 8, Didi Autonomous Driving released the world's first autonomous driving video without taking over for 5 consecutive hours. This is a road test video recorded recently after the software version iteration of the Didi Autopilot team. The test vehicle drove in Jiading District, Shanghai, passing by the Jiatinghui commercial area, factory area, office area and residential area with dense traffic. According to data, Didi Autopilot started to form a team in 2016. In August 2019, the team was upgraded to a company. It is understood that Didi Autonomous Driving has obtained autonomous driving road test licenses in Shanghai, Beijing, California and other places, and launched a manned test service to the public in Shanghai in June last year. In March of this year, Didi Autonomous Driving announced that it has reached an automotive intelligent network industry project cooperation with Huadu District, Guangzhou.