Customer satisfaction is really good. 618 high reputation intelligent learning machine inventory

In addition to the blessing of AI technology, the iFlytek Intelligent Learning Machine X2 also adopts a more user-friendly and innovative design in other aspects. Even so, HKUST's learning machine products still rely on years of AI technology accumulation and the strength of the education industry to quickly break through and become a representative product of a new generation of intelligent learning machines. Its unique AI map, which can greatly reduce the burden and improve the performance quickly, has been widely used in various education levels and products under its umbrella. Relevant data shows that as of the end of last year, the iFLYTEK Smart Teaching System has been widely used in 31 provinces and cities across the country, serving more than 38,000 schools across the country, benefiting more than 100 million teachers and students to reduce burdens and increase efficiency. HKUST iFLYTEK Smart Learning Machine X2, as its consumer-grade C-end product carrying the latest smart education technology, has been widely concerned and recognized by the market since its launch.