Convenient to teach and easy to learn, Jiangsu Telecom builds a three gigabit network for students across the province

A few days ago, Jiangsu Telecom launched a three-gigabit network to use technological advantages to help students achieve academic success. Therefore, this puts forward higher requirements on the network. This Jiangsu three-gigabit network is three "gigabits", namely Gigabit 5G, Gigabit broadband, and Gigabit WiFi. The speed is fully entered into the 5G era, allowing students to enjoy The online course connection process does not freeze. The promotion of Jiangsu Telecom's three-gigabit network is an important foundation for completing smart education. In the future, schools and families will be synchronized with the Internet to jointly adopt new scientific and technological teaching methods, so that Jiangsu Province will complete the transformation ahead of schedule and maintain the first-mover advantage in education. In order to better meet the needs of smart education users, it is in addition to the three gigabit "hard services". Convenient for the present and more suitable for the future, Jiangsu Telecom's three-gigabit network lays a solid foundation for the realization of smart education in the province, and provides practical convenience and preferential treatment to teachers and students, making it the best choice for efficient learning in the new era.