Class starts! Li Hongyi's 2021 "Machine Learning" Chinese course is fully updated, pure online, not fast to follow?

In the field of machine learning education, Li Hongyi, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, is unique with his distinctive personal style. Therefore, many people recommend it as the preferred course for introductory machine learning. The new course will officially start on February 26 and will officially end in mid-June. Videos and PPT will be uploaded to the course homepage. v=IHk7z51zOLw "Master Pokémon" Li Hongyi Li Hongyi is currently an assistant professor of electrical engineering at National Taiwan University. His research focuses on machine learning, especially in the field of deep learning. Many people choose to learn about machine learning introductory learning materials from Teacher Li Hongyi's NTU public class video. Because of the vivid image of the course and the rigorous mathematical derivation, teacher Li Hongyi's course video can be said to be the best machine learning resource in the Chinese world. I believe this year's course will have more introductions to the most popular models.