Christmas Apple Gift Guide

However, Apple is well aware of everyone's gift-giving needs. It has launched a gift page on its official website and sorted it down for you to choose from: photography, creativity, health, and entertainment. Let's take a brief look at the recommendations. In addition, Apple's official website also recommends photography-related accessories, from tripods and card readers to meet everyone's daily creative use. Of course, Apple's health-related accessories have also not left. Symphony thermos mugs and temperature-control mugs are exclusively provided by Apple's official website, and they are full of technology. The key is now to upgrade the latest system and support Siri voice control playback function, which is very friendly to friends who use Apple's ecology. Apple's audio product line has always been an industry benchmark. From the AirPods that created the TWS era to the launch of "spatial audio" technology, it has brought more surprises to the industry and consumers.