China core + Chinese technology + made in China = extremely cost-effective domestic active noise reduction headphones

Technology companies headed by Huawei have always insisted on independent innovation and uncompromising spirit, which has also infected a large number of Chinese people and awakened their pursuit of domestic products. With the recent launch of the "Hongmeng os" by Huawei, people's patriotism has been completely ignited. In addition to a group of companies represented by Huawei, there are more obscure companies that insist on research and development. The greatest significance of active noise reduction headphones is that they can effectively reduce urban noise and industrial noise around them. Applicable scenarios include but are not limited to: bus and subway noise, aircraft engine noise, factory site machine noise, etc. Therefore, many noise reduction headphones will compensate the low frequency of the headphones in the non-noise reduction mode to increase the low frequency of the headphones.