Buying an SUV just doesn't understand cars? It's all national conditions

But in fact, there are 7 compact cars in the top ten list of China's auto sales. In fact, people are more inclined to buy joint venture cars than domestically produced SUVs. Among the top ten sales models, pickup trucks are generally used. The remaining three are SUVs and two are sedans. Opel and Renault, which have already withdrawn from the market, appeared on the sales charts in Europe. Although Japan's automobile industry is not as long as Europe and the United States, it is not easy for Japan to be able to nurture the world's leading automobile brands after World War II. High-speed driving more tests the driving maneuverability of the vehicle, so the control limit of the car in Europe's top sales is not low. Although the car is small, there is no restriction policy in Europe, so one car per capita travels is not a problem. Moreover, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen still have strict restrictions on traffic, which is basically the case where a family only has one car. But China's roads are very wide, so a wide SUV is more able to attract Chinese consumers.