Built-in infrared thermal imaging military rugged mobile phone to travel A9 hands-on experience

For users who want to face the industrial environment as a whole, infrared thermal imaging equipment can be described as an indispensable tool. Aoyou A9 uses a 6.3FHD+ water drop screen, which can be operated with gloves, and is equipped with NFC function. Nevertheless, in the core three-defense indicators, A9 has reached the military-grade IP68 standard. Passed the MIL-STD-810G test, it can stay in 1.5m water depth for 30 minutes and can withstand a 1.2m drop test. In addition to integrated sensors, A9 is also equipped with FLIR's unique MSX technology, and is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera to generate thermal images. Based on the difference in object temperature, A9 can create clear thermal images and visualize temperature and heat. A9 can not only detect the temperature of the object, but also set up to 5 temperature measurement points, which is convenient for users to record the temperature data on the screen. At the same time, different display effects can be switched, the default is MSX display.