Autonomous truck company Tucson goes public in the future, breaks ARK to build a position of 110 million US dollars

According to news on April 16th, Tucson, a self-driving truck company, was listed on the Nasdaq in the United States yesterday, becoming the world's “first self-driving stock”. Tucson's future issue price is $40, and the previous issue range was $35 to $39. Tucson will issue 33.784 million shares in the future, raising a total of 1.35 billion US dollars. As of the close, Tucson's future is down 3.38% from the issue price, and it went out of the deep V. The lowest price corresponds to a drop of 19.18%. The turnover exceeds US$900 million. It is reported that the two ARK funds have bought nearly 3.08 million shares of Tucson Future. According to the intraday price of 37.5 US dollars per share, ARK spent about 115 million US dollars to build positions in Tucson Future.