Autonomous driving war, lidar is not the key, who is the king of bicycle intelligence and vehicle-road collaboration?

Not long ago, Tesla announced that the autopilot system of the new Model 3 and Model Y models in North America will completely abandon radar technology and use cameras to realize pure vision autopilot. The recent high-volume lidar solution is upgraded based on the fusion solution. The lidar that can achieve higher-level spatial ranging functions is the core of the solution, supplemented by camera for object recognition, and high-level autonomous driving through spatial perception Level. The Xiaopeng P5 launched in April this year is the world's first model equipped with a lidar solution. Tesla's business philosophy has always been to reduce the production cost of superior products to achieve a large-scale occupation of the market, and then obtain low-priced components through a high market share, and then repeat the operation of reducing costs. Therefore, Tesla can significantly reduce manufacturing costs through pure visual recognition solutions, thereby reducing the price of the entire vehicle, quickly grabbing the market at low prices, and forming a large-scale moat.