Automobile consumption is generally stable from January to May, and China Automobile Association remains cautiously optimistic

On June 11, according to the statistical analysis of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in May this year, automobile production and sales were 2.040 million and 2.128 million, down 8.7% and 5.5% month-on-month and 6.8% and 3.1% year-on-year. Overall, auto consumption remained stable in the first five months of this year. The wholesale sales of new energy passenger vehicles in May was 196,000 units, +174.2% year-on-year and +6.7% month-on-month. Regarding the outlook of the auto market in June, Tianfeng Securities believes that with the gradual hot weather in June and the auto market entering the off-season, market demand may fall. In addition, the chip shortage in June may affect more models, and the production of manufacturers will slow down to a certain extent, and the delivery time of orders will be prolonged. Looking forward to the future, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers stated that although my country's economy is operating steadily, strengthening and steadily improving, the global epidemic situation is still complicated, which also brings certain difficulties to the development of the automobile industry. Therefore, continue to be cautious about the future development of the automobile industry. optimism.