ASUS releases adolpad tablet, long battery life, peace of mind

Today's news, Asustek has launched the adolpad tablet on its official mall, with a pre-sale price of 1599 yuan (USD $228) . ASUS defines the tablet as a stylish, thin and light tablet computer, and is committed to providing young people with a variety of rigid needs for tablet computers. According to the official introduction, the adolpad tablet is equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS screen with a 1920*1200 resolution. It is a pity that Asus did not choose mainstream high-refresh screens, and the screen look and feel may not be so smooth. However, thanks to the front dual-channel speakers, coupled with this 178° wide-angle screen, it is more than enough as a daily entertainment and pastime tool. In terms of configuration, the tablet is equipped with a MediaTek MT8183 processor and is equipped with 4G memory + 128G flash memory. It is understood that this MediaTek MT8183 processor was once used on the Chromebook platform and is equipped with an eight-core CPU to easily cope with the needs of large-scale games. Thanks to a large 7300mAh battery, the adolpad tablet has a long battery life of about 6 hours, so users can concentrate on watching the show without anxiety.