Apple's third-generation AirPods skip the ticket until next year, 30% of headphones will be produced in Vietnam

According to the latest news from foreign media, several messages have been released from Apple's Bluetooth headsets. The upgrade plan for the new version of the headset has been skipped to next year. In addition, part of the production of Bluetooth headsets will be transferred to Vietnam. It is reported that Apple plans to transfer 30% of the Bluetooth headset manufacturing work to the Vietnam factory, which mainly includes 3 million to 4 million classic AirPods Bluetooth headsets. According to reports, Apple has asked suppliers to consider transferring 15% to 30% of production from China to other parts of Southeast Asia. Apple did not immediately respond to news requests for comment. As early as March, a Taiwanese media reported that the lack of demand may affect Apple's decision to release new Bluetooth headsets in 2020. In the first quarter of this year, Apple's small hardware business contributed $6.3 billion in revenue, which has surpassed the two businesses of personal computers and tablet computers.