Apple wears the latest news: looks like traditional glasses or Apple Glasses

Apple has been developing AR headsets in recent years, but only recently has it shared information about how users interact with the product. Jon Prosser, the newly-received god of the news, revealed in a show that Apple is planning to integrate 5G network connections into its AR headsets. iPad and Apple Watch are available in Wi-Fi and cellular versions, but Prosser believes that Apple will not launch a Wi-Fi version of AR headsets, which may be called Apple Glasses. The Apple Glasses headset will include a set of sensors to ensure accurate display of virtual objects during projection. Prosser said that the product will also use data collected by iPhone and Apple Watch sensors for better calibration. According to Prosser, these experiences are only visible to individual users. Apple has not yet revealed its plans for the release of AR headsets, but numerous reports mention that it may be released in 2021 or 2022. Prosser revealed that the announcement may be announced at an event in March 2021 or WWDC in June 2021.