Apple Watch 6 exposure: longer battery life, support blood oxygen/sleep/panic attack detection

According to foreign media reports, Apple's new generation of Apple Watch will focus on mental health functions. The whistleblower Jon Prosser said that Apple Watch 6 will use high-precision sensors to achieve mental health detection functions, such as panic attacks. According to previous news, Apple Watch 6 is also expected to add blood oxygen detection function. Blood oxygen is an important indicator, and a drop in human blood oxygen levels may indicate severe breathing or heart problems, requiring immediate medical attention. Multiple previous rumors also showed that Apple Watch 6 will support sleep monitoring, which can measure sleep quality, duration and other indicators. It is rumored that Apple Watch 6 will be equipped with S6 chip to provide longer battery life. At present, Apple Watch 5 has become an industry benchmark in terms of heart health, menstrual cycle recording, noise reminder, fall detection, etc. The completion of the new health functions of Apple Watch 6 will further enhance its competitiveness. Apple has officially confirmed that 2020 WWDC will be held online on June 22. At that time, Apple Watch 6 is expected to make its first appearance.