Apple opens Siri to third-party devices to allow use with HomePod

According to reports, in the future, users can send commands to Siri mounted on third-party devices through voice to control the daily use of these devices. Apple said that Siri on third-party devices will support "personal requests, walkie-talkies, timers and alarms" and other functions. However, the official has not announced the full list of devices and brands that support Siri. Apple believes that HomeKit accessories equipped with Siri will make home life more fun. "With the coordination of various hardware, users can get a smarter home experience. Apple's smart voice assistant Siri is the acronym for SpeechInterpretation & Recognition Interface. , The original meaning of speech recognition interface, first appeared at the Apple Developer Conference in 2016. At the Apple Developer Conference in 2017, Apple announced that Siri has completed the version update and added real-time translation functions to support English, French, German, etc. Language.