Apple Home Keys allows you to use your iPhone to unlock the door

Apple Home Keys from iOS 13.6 and watchOS 6.2.8, Apple allows users to use iPhone and Apple Watch as digital car keys. After iOS 15, the newly-introduced Home Keys function will go further. With it, you can use your mobile phone to open the adaptive smart door lock, so that there is one less thing to bring when you go out. In addition, when users enter the home, they will be able to control Apple TV with voice through the HomePod speaker. If you have both Apple TV 4K and HomePod mini, you can also combine them to achieve better sound quality. Apple Home will also add a Share With You tab in the new version of tvOS, which will have recommended content from friends. There is also All of You, which will present movies or dramas that suit your whole family's tastes. Finally, on the Apple Watch, Apple has also redesigned the Home app, its interface has become easier to operate, and the experience of using the security camera will become better.