After-sales service of Xiaopeng G3 wheel hub: it is an old injury

Recently, some car owners reported to the media that their Xiaopeng G3 was suddenly broken during normal driving. "The media also contacted Xiaopeng's after-sales personnel, and Xiaopeng made another statement. Xiaopeng's after-sales personnel said: "This test report has been given to the customer. It was not because the customer's incident caused it to break. When he was using the car before, the steel rim of the car had a lateral force, which was an external force, which caused the steel rim to crack. It is understood that G3 is the first model of Xiaopeng Motors and is positioned as a pure electric compact SUV. The Xiaopeng G3 has attracted the attention of consumers as soon as it was launched. According to the official announcement, the number of orders for the Xiaopeng G3 exceeded 1,500 in just one day after its launch, and the total number of orders reached 1,573. Related data shows that Xiaopeng Motors delivered 5,686 units in May 2021, P7 delivered 3797 units, and Xiaopeng G3 1,889 units. At present, it is still unknown what caused the rupture of Xiaopeng Automobile's G3 wheels.