A Tesla Model 3 rear-end truck in Guangdong! The scene is too tragic

Today, a video uploaded by a netizen shows that a Tesla Model 3 in Shaoguan, Guangdong, rear-ends a truck at a very high speed. The scene is tragic and the Model 3 has also suffered huge impact damage. From the picture, the main driver's side impact of this Model 3 was the most serious, because the A-pillar hit the rear of the truck, was directly bent, and squeezed into the passenger compartment. Because the passenger compartment has also undergone considerable deformation, it is expected that the drivers and passengers in the car have also suffered considerable injuries. The accident resulted in the death of Tesla's driver, and the driver of the truck that rolled over and the driver of the rescue vehicle were also injured by the accident. The highway patrol team that dealt with the accident did not say whether the autopilot function was enabled on the Tesla when the crash occurred at 2:40 am on Wednesday. Moreover, because Tesla has had multiple car accidents recently, the US Federal Highway Safety Supervisory Agency is investigating 24 accidents involving Tesla vehicles running on Autopilot.