A must-have artifact for opening black and party: 65W flash charging + 120Hz OnePlus 8T only starts at 3399 yuan (USD $486)

When the end of the year comes, many friends are thinking about going home during the New Year. As the latest flagship of OnePlus this year, OnePlus 8T has been improved in screen, shooting and performance. In terms of screens, OnePlus 8T has inherited the brand's strong genes. It is equipped with a high refresh rate flexible straight screen that supports 120Hz refresh rate. In terms of image function, OnePlus 8T uses a 48-megapixel main camera + 16 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle + 5 million-pixel macro lens + 2 million-pixel black and white filter rear-mounted four-camera combination. The 48MP main camera can produce clear and detailed proofs when facing various scenes, the ultra-wide-angle lens can take group photos, spectacular scenery, etc., and the macro lens can capture subtle targets. In terms of battery life, in response to the charging problem that users often complain about, OnePlus 8T is not only equipped with a 4500mAh large battery, but also brings 65W super flash charging technology, it only takes about 40 minutes to fully charge, a meal or a shower The battery is fully charged.