5 new energy sources with super hard power, breaking 100% in 3.3 seconds, 1000km endurance is trivial

In terms of interior materials, the Zhiji L7 uses semi-aniline calfskin and double-layer silent glass for the entire car. It is reported that the intelligent operating system developed by IM Zhiji Automobile is called "Shangshan IMOS. From the side of the body, the Audi RS e-tron GT uses two-color "multi-spoke" aluminum alloy wheels with red high-performance brake calipers. The upper part of the car adopts a through-type LED taillight group, and the brand LOGO and model badges have been blackened. The Audi RS e-tron GT adopts an enveloping cockpit design. The mass production version is estimated to be officially announced this year. From the overall design, the design of the Euler Lightning Cat is more feminine, so its future user positioning should also be mainly female.