16.1 inch large screen, high-value brand new light and shadow wizard 7 in-depth experience

Light and Shadow Wizard 7 launched a total of 6 new products this time, and reservations have been opened at Suning Tesco and Tmall flagship stores. The i5-11400H+GTX1650 version is priced at 5799 yuan (USD $828) , and the initial price is 5499 yuan (USD $786) ; the i5-11400H+RTX3050 version is sold. Price 6299 yuan (USD $900) , starting price 5799 yuan (USD $828) ; i5-11400H+RTX3050Ti version is priced at 6599 yuan (USD $943) , starting price 5999 yuan (USD $857) ; i7-11800H+RTX3050 version is priced at 6799 yuan (USD $971) , starting price is 6299 yuan (USD $900) ; i7-11800H+RTX3050Ti version is priced at 7099 yuan (USD $1014) The initial price is 6499 yuan (USD $928) ; the i7-11800H+RTX3060 version is priced at 8299 yuan (USD $1186) , and the initial price is 7699 yuan (USD $1100) . From now until 21:00 on June 15 to pay the deposit, after the final payment is paid on June 16, you can wait for the goods to be received. Although it has a 16.1-inch screen, thanks to the optimized design of the fuselage, the actual fuselage is close to 15.6-inches, so the overall appearance of the fuselage is not large, which is also to take into account its portability. In the game control center, there are also functions such as system core, voltage drop, network booster and performance control. Here we mainly talk about a drop in voltage, which refers to lowering the CPU core voltage to reduce heat generation without reducing the performance of the CPU.