143 points! Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra becomes the champion of DXOMARK camera evaluation ranking

Topping the championship in the rankings of the agency, it is the best-performing model among smartphone cameras tested by DXOMARK so far. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has set a new highest score in the sub-scores of "Photo" and "Video", and the score in the "Zoom" item is close to the first place. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra DXOMARK score announced. DXOMARK said that Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has a very good balance between texture and noise. It can show good details and low noise in almost all shooting conditions. This can be attributed to its excellent ultra-wide-angle camera, which can show a very wide field of view and a very good dynamic range. In terms of video, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra also scored 117 points, which is the new top spot of this project, "there are no obvious shortcomings in video." Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra shooting proofs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the latest top flagship model released by Xiaomi. In view of the excellent performance of the previous generation Mi 10 Ultra camera, this phone is also high hopes.