11th generation Core + RTX30 graphics card senior players choose Shadow Elf 7 to play 3A masterpiece

With the continuous precipitation of the game book market, the needs of game players are constantly changing, and the demand cycle is becoming shorter and shorter. From the above picture, we can see that the margins on both sides of the screen are already very narrow. In order to preserve the front camera, the width is also compressed to the extreme, so that the size of the notebook is not significantly increased. A larger screen size can give players a shocking visual experience, but the increase in size is not enough. The short-wave blue light of the display is still relatively harmful to gamers, and this damage to the eyes cannot be reversed. If the Shadow Elf 7 anti-blue screen is used for a long time, the eyes can be protected to the greatest extent. Shadow Elf 7 further increases the number of fan blades. Compared with the previous generation of game notebooks, the number of fan blades has doubled to 97, which can maximize the instantaneous heat removal and greatly improve the heat dissipation effect.