11th generation Core + RTX 30 game graphics card, MSI's new products can save up to 10,000 yuan (USD $1429)

In addition, the official also prepared a silent storm cooling system, 2.5G network card, Wi-Fi 6E, USB Type-C interface and Thunder 4 for it, which can be said to be full of performance and scalability. At the same time, there is also the Sea Emperor Halberd X for mini console enthusiasts. The configuration of the Sea Emperor's Halberd X has also been fully upgraded, with up to Intel i9-11900K and RTX 3090 graphics cards available. Compared with the front Aegis Ti5, the body of the Sea Emperor Halberd X is more compact and small. It also supports 2.5G wired network, Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4, and the price of Ocean Emperor Halberd X is lower at 32,000 yuan (USD $4571) . In the pre-sale stage, 500 is worth 3500, and the price is 29,999 yuan (USD $4286) .