​What should I do about cleaning during a holiday trip? Stone T7S Plus, let you travel at ease

The Roborock T7S Plus sweeping and mopping robot uses a fan with a high suction force of up to 2500Pa as the source of suction, which can effectively suck up various dirt on the ground and prevent secondary pollution caused by the floating of dust due to insufficient suction. At this stage, many households also have carpets. When the previous sweeping and mopping robot faces the carpet, it needs to manually remove the mopping bracket to clean the carpet. It can be operated well even without APP. And it is also equipped with a child lock mode to prevent accidents caused by children's accidental touch. Finally, let's look at discounts: For people at this stage, it is an unanimous choice to buy excellent products at a more affordable price. Therefore, the Roborock T7S Plus sweeping and dragging robot has a variety of discounts at this stage, which is worth considering. And the prepaid deposit can be used to deduct the purchase amount, and the final discounted price is only 2799, which can be described as very affordable.